Packed @ Restoran Foh San, Ipoh

Restoran Foh San is a very popular dim sum restaurant in Ipoh. Trust me the initial plan was to go there at 6.30 am. However, me and Rachel overslept and Steph called me at 6 am and we were like shit! We were still sleeping! It never intentional to be late, trust me on that!

We reached Ipoh around 9 am and we started to look for the restaurant without any maps or address. By 9.30 am we reached the restaurant by asking around and a friendly motorist who guided us there.

When we reached there we got a rude shock!

It was packed! Sandwiched until outside!

Basically there’s someone standing at every table waiting for their turn. Estimated time to get a seat, say at least 1 1/2 hour?

We gave up! No Foh San dim sum this time around. But one thing for sure, I’ll be BACK!

Maybe better luck next time….