July 22, 2024


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Jarrod & Rawlins Capsquare

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I had been craving for Jarrod & Rawlins for ages. Mainly because of few good recommendations from friends. They are pretty famous for their sausages.

Sadly the outlet in One Utama New Wing was closed when the time I wanted to go there.

At one of the most unexpected evenings, where my dinner was canceled in Capsquare, I bumped to a Jarrod & Rawlins store. Rachel didn’t hesitate and pulled me in and we got ourselves a nice table.


We went to the counter and pick our food. Godness! Look at the selections! I wished there were a bigger crowd so that we could try more variety of foods. We made our picks and they cooked it for us.


They mixed everything and came in a platter. To be frank I loved their sauce and their mashed potato. We ordered sausage and herb, bacon, spare ribs and pig in the basket. Everything were grilled to perfection. Lovely feast!

In general, the food was pretty good. The service was good and friendly and the place was cozy. The bill came to RM 65.90 for 2 of us.

We will definitely come back again! Recommendable!

Jarrod & Rawlins Capsquare Center
No. G-05 Ground Floor
No. 7 Persiaran Capsquare,
Off jalan Dang Wangi,
50100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2698 0708 Fax: 03-2698 0706
Email: [email protected]


0 thoughts on “Jarrod & Rawlins Capsquare

  1. nice..the price was reasonably cheap, the ones similar to this is less and cost around RM20++ per plate.

  2. Another positive review on Jarrod & Rawlins, guess it's a must-visit place. Everything looks good. But a little pricey.

  3. raymond: thinking whether go back there tonight… but on diet now… sighhh

    sugarbean: thanks for reading.. i do agree its a bit pricey… well, sometimes we have to pay a bit for better food?? 🙂

  4. hihihihihi… not tonight but can always come makan wid us one.. next time must try the lamb burger, ok? its nicely pink n positively yummilicious !

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