January 29, 2023

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Delicious at Mid Valley Kuala Lumpur

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This was my first time at the newly opened Delicious Mid Valley. I had a few sessions at Delicious Bangsar Village before and I loved it.

The ambient was nice, mostly white and very identical with the Bangsar Village outlet.
However, the place was much smaller so its nosier.

The caesar salad (RM 19.90) came first. The salad with a handsome amount of beef bacon and sliced cheese. It was pretty good.

Lamb shank (RM 23.90) was next. It came with the bowl with potatoes on top and the lamb shank and the gravy below.
Personally I felt the potatoes were a bit too dry and this dish was too filling.

Spaghetti Cabonara (RM 22.90). My favourite dish in Delicious. However, surprisingly it was slightly off their usual “standard” here.Sliced cheese was lesser than usual and the sauce was too “watery” not as thick as it used to be. I was a bit disappointed. I had it better in Bangsar Village outlet before.

Lastly, Rachel ordered her all time favourite drink, Flat White at RM 7.90. It was decent.

In general, the food here was decent. Price was on the slightly high side (for the rentals).
Ambient was okay but slightly noisy. Service was okay.

My mom felt the food was alright but slighty pricey.


7 thoughts on “Delicious at Mid Valley Kuala Lumpur

  1. Nice atmosphere but terrible food. Had breakfast there. Toast was cold, like it has been toasted earlier. Eggs were cold too! Obviously “pre-cooked” as well. “Chicken Chipotle” turn out to be normal chicken sausages. Very misleading. Overall, bad experience!

  2. Totally agree with Larry.
    Services sucks.
    Staffs super rude.
    Manager super duper rude.
    All in all BOYCOTT Delicious!

    You will not die if you don’t eat here.

  3. Had dinner there last month, the service was horrible. At first I thought of making of blog post of it, but I rejected the idea. I really hope their management will buck up their services.

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