April 20, 2024


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Famous Cheras F Cup Pau (Yip Chee Mei Big Pau)

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There’s one famous big Pau in Cheras. Its called the Yip Chee Mei or Amy Yip Big Pau. The pau is so big until they have to named it after a famous 90’s big breasted Hong Kong AV actress, Yip Chee Mei. I’m not sure whether they pay royalty to her though.

The stall is located at the both sides of the main road of Taman Connaught. Normally, patrons would take away rather than eating there on the spot.


The stall opposite BHP station of Taman Connaught (same row with Restoran Sun Ming). Like the rest, I ordered a take away.


Look at the size of those paus (Chinese buns). Well, it cost RM 5.00 each.


Since its big, its unconventional to eat like the usual pau. I preferred to use a fork and knife to eat it. Cutting open the pau, unveiled pork, egg and “seng kuang” with gravy. The skin was thick and the fillings were a bit too dry. Eating the whole thing would be quite filling though.

Personally, I don’t really fancy it that much. Well, but for the sake of trying it, perhaps its worth a try?

0 thoughts on “Famous Cheras F Cup Pau (Yip Chee Mei Big Pau)

  1. tried once but i don't like it. i find the skin too thick and the inside, as u said dry. i don't like eating pau with thick skin.

  2. Yip Chee Mei Tai Pau. Yes, a must when you go to Cheras. It was superb years before. The skin is just right, the fillings are delicious. The quality is getting bad. Maybe it's because of the ecomony crisis.

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