March 22, 2023

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Old Klang Road’s Best Kept Secret @ Nihon Kai

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Many might not know there’s a very good Japanese restaurant located along Old Klang Road. It could be one of the Old Klang Road’s best kept secret. Well, it’s no other than Nihon Kai. My in-laws loved to dine there, food quality was good and their pricing were amazingly reasonable.

How to get there? From Mid Valley go towards Old Klang Road. Look out for a tyre shop with Michelin Tyre and turn left there (it should be before Shell Petrol Station). Its located at the end of the shop lot (picture as below).

This is Nihon Kai and its usually packed for dinner. The place was cozy and the best part was, they have tatami rooms.

I ordered a seafood special set at RM 25+. The set came with 3 grilled prawns, squid, salmon, miso soup, pickles, chawan mushi and rice. The seafood were freshly grilled and it was good.

The mix tempura set…

The mix tempura set at RM 21+. Its a combination of tempura ebi and vegetables and a few slices of salmon sashimi. The salmon sashimi was very fresh.

In general the food was very good and the price was very reasonable. I lost the sashimi pictures, if not I would have post it here.



8 thoughts on “Old Klang Road’s Best Kept Secret @ Nihon Kai

  1. BBO: Yeah! Thanks for dropping by…

    Kampungboycitygal: Yes, my cousin from Sydney loved it… Quality food, reasonable price.. Thanks for dropping by..

  2. btw, have u been there lately? the quality seems to hv dropped a bit and i was very thirsty after eating here. MSG gotten cheaper??

  3. babe: Cousin was there last fortnight, she said it was good… She's a Japanese food lover… We used to go for Japanese food crawl in Sydney back then…

    well, i do agree that sometimes the food quality will drop…

    MSG could have been from soya sauce? Maybe its cheaper now… LOL

    Will see u soon, nice meeting u up the other day as usual…

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