February 21, 2024


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Restoran Sang Kee at Lorong Yap Ah Loy

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If Rachel didn’t bring me to this place, I swear I would never knew there’s such place existed! Its somewhere behind Kota Raya, at one of the back alleys (map below).

sang kee

The surprise element for me was how could there be a coffee shop out of nowhere at the back alleys? The other thing was, the place was packed. I guess mostly from regular customers that worked around the area.

The famous dish here is the “Sang Har” Noodle but sadly we didn’t order it. Reason being it wa slightly too pricey for a lunch. They charged RM 28++ per prawn, so for 2 prawns, it would be RM 60++ for a plate. Furthermore, I didn’t intend to spend so much on lunch. So…


Instead, we ordered a beef noodle. Well, the paste was slightly starchy and lightly tasted. Beef were tender and the noodles were okay. Overall, its average.

cant yee mee

We also ordered cantonese fried yee mee. The taste was there and this was the better dish. I would say it was decent.

For some reasons, personally I felt the food was average. Maybe there were too many people at that time, I’m not sure.

Place is a back alley coffee shop, so it’s not air conditioned. Service was okay and parking could be a problem.




0 thoughts on “Restoran Sang Kee at Lorong Yap Ah Loy

  1. my mum and aunt were telling me that the taste of the food didn't change over 30 years. and i bring my overseas friends there to eat. just to let my friends try out the chinese 'mamak' style because that place is cleaner than other areas i have been.

  2. RM28 per prawn?!!! wah .. gotta be VERY big freshwater species then.

    cannot ask for only one? 😉

  3. why so expensive the prawns??

    btw the sang kee i went to is not this one. that one is near stadium merdeka/negara. dun remember paying so much for the prawns here!

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