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Crispy “Siew Yuk” (Roast Pork) @ Jalan Merlimau, San Peng

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The best thing about Malaysia is the street foods. Sometimes the place might looks horrible but the food could be fantastic.

Last Sunday, after my Sunday morning walk in Bandar Tun Razak, we went to San Peng Market for breakfast. To be exact, at Jalan Merlimau, San Peng. It was my very first time to San Peng, seriously.

As we parked our car, walking towards the market, we saw a “siew yuk” (roast pork) stall packed with people. Its located just opposite the market. Wife Rachel told me the stall has been there for years and its quite popular in the area.


The nameless stall was packed with customers. Knowing my curious and “kiasu” character, I ordered 2 packs of siew yuk. Minimum order RM 5 only.

If you do notice, pictures are taken with my phone, Sony Ericsson K770i instead of my Panasonic Lumix DMC TZ-15 or Canon 20D.


I told the owner, I want 3 layers meat, give me the best! He nodded and started looking for the best part for me.


RM 10 worth of siew yuk / roast pork. Very reasonable.

I took it back home and my sister ate it and she could only say –

“Where the heck you got this? It’s so damn nice! “

She could only kept eating even though she knew she was dieting at the moment. One hand with roast pork, the other hand with Herbalife.

How does it fare? Very tender meat and crispy skin. Could sense the crunchiness of the skin for every bite. I had no complaints! Highly recommended! Found a new stall by luck at San Peng, priceless!

Rachel was right, it was really good!

Jalan Merlimau, San Peng (opposite the market).

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