January 31, 2023

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I Met Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad @ The Loaf, Langkawi 

We all know Tun Dr. Mahathir (Dr. M( opens his first bakery, The Loaf at Langkawi. However, what are the chances you have the chance to bump to him?

This is one of the most unexpected yet memorable experience when I was traveling with my friends in Langkawi. For your information, The Loaf is located at the Harbour Park and we were there drinking in the afternoon. You do not need a reason to drink in Langkawi because it is a duty free island so drinks are cheap, dirt cheap.

We were sitting near The Loaf and we had this conversation about Dr. M owning the bakery and my friend joked about his retirement office is on top of the bakery.

As we were drinking and snacking, an entourage came and walked pass us and my friend spotted Dr. M. He was walking casually with the Azhar Mansor and a few friends and his bodyguards.

Everyone at the area noticed Dr. M and starting to approach him even the tourists.

The lovely The Loaf at Telaga Harbour Park and I met our ex-prime minister there.

He walked into his bakery and probably spot check his workers. The crowd turns bigger and we went into his bakery and asked permission from his bodyguard to take a picture with him. What are the chances of you meeting Dr.M in his bakery? Probably a few percent?

So I asked Dr. M.

“Tun, how are you sir? Can we have a picture with you?” I asked.

“If you want to take a picture, I have to charge!” – Dr. M replied.

I went blanked .

“I charge 10 sen per picture” Dr. M joked.

Hastily, I asked his bodyguard to take a picture of us.

Dr. M was a humble and he remains a fatherly figure to many Malaysians. Its hard to believe he became the owner of the bakery now. He took some time and enjoyed his tea and more passerby greeted himespecially tourists. Dr. M made our day, its honoured to greet him in person.

The Loaf, Langkawi Address and Contact:
TEL: +604-959-4866
FAX: +604-959-4803

9 thoughts on “I Met Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad @ The Loaf, Langkawi

  1. yeah, actually he is quite down to earth. he goes to the same barber as i do, RM11 per haircut, and i've bumped into him a couple of times, and always wished him, "good evening tun". but no chance to take pic with his tunship la.

  2. LOL I had the honour of meeting Tun about 40 years ago and I still remembered that he also said he would charge for his picture & autograph and indeed he is a nice person and I still remember visiting him at his open houses during Raya!

  3. He is still the one person many Malaysians look up to for his contributions to this country. Thanks for commenting Charles.

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