March 30, 2023

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Mix Fm’s Super Chic Sunday & Dearly Deported

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Few weeks ago, Serena C of Mix Fm came out with a brilliant idea to celebrate her birthday. A charity auction called Super Chic Sunday. Celebrities got to auction off their personal belongings and the money collected will go to charity. Brilliant idea!

As a loyal listener of Mix Fm, we (me and Rachel) went there to support the Serena C’s Super Chic Sunday. We do know Pietro personally from a previous event. He’s a great bud.

Well, of course Serena C didn’t know me or my wife personally, but for the sake of charity, it worth the trip.

Many items were auctioned off at reasonable price. There were some performances by the artists as well.

Jolene, me and Rachel….

While watching the auction, Rachel got herself a nice white pants. It was Serena C’s Island Shop white pants. She got it for RM 10 only. What a steal! (Though I asked Rachel to double check for “lubang” and stains). For those who were not there, you guys missed the bargain and the show.

At the end of the day, the event managed to raise RM 10,000! It was a huge and great effort!

Rachel wears the pants quite often and she loved it.

Lately, Mix Fm is currently running the Dearly Deported. We are following the program and we were touched by the today’s episode. Check it out!

Siblings to meet for the first time after 45 years! One word only, touching….

The program really gives meaningful episodes to someone’s lives. It probably touched thousands of Mix Fm’s listeners this morning. Looking forward for the next one!

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3 thoughts on “Mix Fm’s Super Chic Sunday & Dearly Deported

  1. I personally think dearly deported is a horrible show…it's aweful that these people have the hope to potentially reunite and then if they don't get the answers right they just see the person and the person has to leave right away…it's way too sad…happy for the ones who do get the 2weeks…but really heart crushing for the ones who don't…

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