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Butter and Pumpkin Crabs at Taste Good Restaurant, Puchong

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Craps? No, no, no! Crabs “lah”. Very nice crabs! – assured Ken of FoodPoi.com when he arranged a gathering, a few weeks ago. To be precise, it was in Bandar Puteri Puchong, Puchong. The restaurant is called Taste Good Restaurant.


The place is located at the opposite of the infamous Bumbu Bali. It has been around for at least 4-5 years.


According to Ms. Ong, her brother, the chef was a ex-chef in Overseas Restaurant in Ipoh. She will do the management of the restaurant while the chef will do at what he’s best at, cooking!


The first dish was quite unique. It was a combination of stir fried dried and fresh cuttlefish. Well, it was a mixture of cuttlefish and “green”, green beans and capsicum.

pork belly

Don’t be afraid of this huge looking braised pork belly. It won’t bite but it tasted good. A cut to meat revealed the 3-ply of pork belly. Taste was similar to “Tong Por” style and it was sinfully tasty.


Steamed mandarin fish (RM 23.00) with rice wine came with a huge pot. For the price, it was really a steal. As we opened the cover, we could smell the fragrant of the fish. Fish was steamed to perfection resulting a taste of freshness. Together with the presence of rice wine, should we ask for more?


It seems to be the older generation would love a dish like this, claypot spare ribs with bitter gourd. It doesn’t mean it wasn’t tasty. Just that, younger generation prefer sweeter dish than this. Rachel loved this.


Sweet and sour chicken was next. Probably the most common dish of the day. Children would love this dish, and I’m one of them. 🙂

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