March 27, 2023

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Energetic Air Supply Rocks Genting Highland’s Arena Of Stars!

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The Air Supply!! Graham Russel and Russell Hitchcock! They aged! I remember seeing the album covers, they used to be so macho.

Trust me, they rocked Arena of Stars. Their voice is still so strong, so energetic. I was really impressed.

The lighting were amazing.

They really know how to make the spectotors turns wild. A number of people were dancing as they were singing. Amazing! They even came down and walked thru the spectators.

For their age, their voices were amazing! Wonder how do they maintain their voice and energy.

They sang most of their hit songs as well as a song from their new single. The concert ended around 10.30 pm. The Air Supply sang around 90 min.

It was a great show, hope they could come back more often. Air Supply rocks!

9 thoughts on “Energetic Air Supply Rocks Genting Highland’s Arena Of Stars!

  1. Was really sad that I have to give you the tickets… sob sob… I am sure it was great… Anyways glad you had fun!

  2. wow..u r the guy sit beside me….haha……
    i saw u sitting there quietly, tot u dun like tht show..haha

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