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Street Food Homemade Flavoured Ice Cream at Yu Yu Ice, Rawang Town, Selangor

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Hello Rawang Town! This was my very first time to Rawang Town for food. Me and Rachel traveled to Rawang town last weekend for something that we haven’t been doing for some time. Food hunt.

Lucky enough, we had a few friends stayed in that area to bring us around. Amazingly, the sky was fantastic when we were on our way there.

However, it turned gloomy soon after that.

The stall is located in front of Magnum 4D stall on the main road. It’s quite hard to miss it. The stall has been around for at least more than 10 years. They served in 4 flavours, kacang merah (red bean), jagong (corn), asam moi and cendol.

Corn flavoured ice!

Cendol flavoured ice!

Rachel loved the cendol flavoured ice. The ice was a mixture with the flavoured fillings itself. The ice itself wasn’t that smooth but it was good enough for us to order for more. Rachel ordered the corn ice. They blended the corn together with the ice somehow. Full of flavours, never lacked of it. It was addictively cooling! Recommended! A must visit stall in Rawang town!


Jalan Welman (In front of Magnum 4D outlet),

Rawang Town

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