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Amazing Durian Tarts and Chinese Food at Sri Karak, Petaling Jaya

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A few weeks ago, the lovely owners of Sri Karak invited me and a gang of foodies for a food review. Last year, I reviewed Sri Karak on my own, read more about it HERE.

Many might not know, Sri Karak offers pork free food and food ingredients are HALAL certified products. They are quite popular with Malay customers as well as regular customers that work around the area.

The dinner started with Cape Ostrich Koay Teow (RM 9). The reason its called Cape Ostrich because the ostrich meat were imported from Cape Town, South Africa as we were told. It was not locally produced ostrich meat. To be fair, the meat was tender and not overcooked. Koay teow were well cooked and the combination were good.

Tempoyak Ikan Temerloh Patin (Regular RM 40, Medium RM 80, Large RM 120) was my very first. It is also known as fish with fermented durian! Yes, heard me right, fermented durian.

Surprisingly, the durian smell weren’t that strong. The soup was slightly spicy and hints of durian were there. This was an interesting dish that could not be missed!

Deep fried bean curd with homemade sauce (RM 6) was next. Well, crispy skin of the bean curd was extremely tasty with the inner soft fillings with the homemade sauce.

Sri Karak is also famous for their “Sang Har” Noodle (RM 9 for 100 grams).

Their “Sang har” noodle was one of the best dish of the night. It was nicely done, recommended!

Sri Karak curry fish head (Small:RM 25 Large:RM 49) was next. For those who loves curry fish head, Sri Karak’s version was a decent dish that’s worth the try.

For those that loves to order single item, Sri Karak curry laksa mee (RM 6.5) could be a great choice. Topped with the generous amount of curry together with big prawns, for the price, this was worth while.

House Special Claypot Chicken (Small:RM 12 Large:RM 24) was lovely indeed. Well marinated chicken cooked in the claypot, resulted amazing flavored chicken that were tenderly tasty.

For those who loves vege, this could be the right dish for you. The stir fried salted vegetable and bitter gould (Small: RM 8 Large:RM 15). Rachel loved this, she’s a bitter gould lover.

Even though everyone was full, they couldn’t say no to the Durian ABC (RM 6). If you noticed properly, the top scoop of ice cream was  durian ice cream. This lovely dessert was deeply flavoured. Recommended!

Durian pancake would next. This was probably the least interesting food we had that night. It was decent, the taste were quite light actually. I prefer stronger taste and more durian fillings.

Durian tarts here need no introductions. One of their top seller, the durian tarts here will make durian lovers to order more. Fillings were real durian meat. Heavily strong durian taste. Recommended!

Lastly, we had the durian bombs. Well, the reason its called bomb is, when you eat it, the fillings were filled durian meat. The skin were crispy crusted. This is another top seller for durian lovers.

Timothy, Yat, Ken, Wingz, the owners of Karak, Taufulou, Wilson and Rachel

Thank you again Sri Karak for the invitation. Food in overall were good and the service were good as well. Place was cosy and well air conditioned. There were a few dishes that were quite memorable, especially the tempoyak and of course the durian tarts and durian bombs.


Restoran Sri Karak
17, Jalan 52/8, Section 52,
Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel : 03-7958 3240

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0 thoughts on “Amazing Durian Tarts and Chinese Food at Sri Karak, Petaling Jaya

  1. Soooo….tempting. Must try one day. Just wondering about the ostrich meat from South Africa. Is it slaughtered by the muslim? If yes, than good. Must go there.

      1. The owners confirm with me that the meat are bought from HALAL shop. I hope this will give u a peace of mind.

  2. Excellent review! However, I bed to differ. HORRIBLE Service, Didn’t even offer to say when the “Tempoyak Ikan” was not available and gave a different fish dish. Worst still, when the dish came, the FISH WAS UNCOOKED! The owner just happily brought it back into the kitchen and took it out 10 minutes later. No word of apology, NOTHING. There was a waitress there who was bitching so loud until I could barely have my meal in piece! A very DISAPPOINTING experience and will be my FIRST and LAST visit there! I wish to warn others not to be FOOLED by what people tell you.

  3. Thank you for your feedback regarding your visit at Restaurant Sri Karak. I sincerely apologise for the shortcomings and disappointment that you experienced while having a meal at our restaurant. Please be assured that your comments have been thoroughly investigated and discussed with the relevant people and appropriate action has been taken to prevent this issue from recurring again in the future. We take your feedback seriously and use it proactively to improve the level of service we offer.

    In response to the ‘Tempoyak Ikan’ that was not available during your visit but was not informed, we apologise that due to shortage of ‘tempoyak’ we are unable to serve the dish. However, the waiter recommended Steam Patin Fish and were agreed in which an order was placed. Again, please accept my sincere apologies for any inconvenience causes.

    I hope to welcome you back to Restaurant Sri Karak in the future.

    Kind Regards,
    The Owner

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