November 29, 2023


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Amazing Food at Foo Clan 18th Anniversary Bash at Thean Hou Temple, KL

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Thank you Mr. Foo for inviting us (me and Rachel) for the Foo Clan 18th Anniversary Bash at Thean Hou Temple. It was my second time attending this event.

Like usual, the place was packed. It was a night of celebrations for the Foos and the non Foos like us. The Foo Clan was established 18 years ago. I believe it’s very good to uphold the Foos identity and image.

The Foo Clan is now spearheaded by its president, Datuk Dr. Foo S H. Datuk, is also the current president of Foo Clan Worldwide. He also well known for his kind hearted acts. One of such was saving the tiger cub a few years ago. It made headlines, as he saved the tiger cub from the cooking knife. Read more about it HERE.

The eventful celebration came along with a very good dinner. It started with an amazing 5 hot dishes combinations.

Not to mention the XXL size prawns that were fried to uber crispiness.

Soup was tastefully done.

Not to forget the generous amount of abalone.

Chicken with gravy served with buns. One of my first.

Mixed vegetables with macadamia nuts.

Since the dinner was amazingly done, I wouldn’t mind to show their name card here. I was told they were from Sekinchan.



Another amazing Foo Clan celebration and a big congrats for their 18th Anniversary. Lovely food!

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