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Exclusive International Celebrity Chef Martin Yan Live Cooking in Malaysia, Yan Can Cook!

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Like many in my age group or older, we grew up watching “Yan Can Cook” TV series in the 1980s. Those were the times when the whole family watching the series during dinner times. Well, International Celebrity Chef Martin Yan was already a big hit back then. He was funny and talented.

After so many years, never did I dream of meeting my idol chef, Martin Yan. Thanks to Sidney, GE Monogram, Kollektion and other sponsors that I missed out for inviting me for such an exclusive event.

Words couldn’t express my joy seeing my chef idol cooking live in person.

He was help by our local famous chef, Chef Sun.

Together, Martin Yan prepared 2 dishes to the crowd.

Even though 20 years has passed, he never seems to lack the skills that we used to watch on TV. He flipped 2 pans together.

A simple dish, Black Cod Fish with Salsa. It was amazingly delicious. When you thought TV programs are fake, Chef Martin Yan was excellent.

Ah Bok, Sunny and Xin.

Later on, I book his book and went for an autograph signing.

Chef Sun, Rachel, Wilson and Chef Martin Yan.

Thanks again to Sidney for inviting me.

I thought I was lucky. It seems to be Chef Martin Yan liked Xin so much, he gave him a “muakss”.

It was a marvelous event and he himself is an amazing person!

Chef Martin Yan is now based in San Francisco, US and travelled around the world spreading his “love” thru his cooking.

Thanks Martin for the chat session we had. Will see you again next time!

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