March 30, 2023

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A Croatian Dinner Affair at Dubrovnik, Pearl of Mediterranean, Solaris, Mount Kiara

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*Written by Wilson Ng*

Have had a Croatian Meal before? Well, I had! And it was a good one!

Thanks to Rahayu of Alice George, the PR company for the exclusive invite. Well, must not forget Frat Mustard who also invited me to the same food tasting. The name Dubrovnik is a place in Croatia. A very beautiful place in Croatia that also brand as the pearl of mediterranean. If a restaurant picks such a great name, the food must be equaly good to be fair.

The menu.

When I was there, I wasn’t alone. The other foodies were there and it was like another great reunion of stories and laughters. The great foodies list include,,,,,,, and

As the least popular foodie from the list, we mingled around and almost forgot we have a dinner coming.

A colourful range of drinks were served. Trust me, most of them were good.

Lucky enough, we got Dina from Dubrovnik that explained carefully to us, what’s comes next! 😛

The Prawn Orzo came first. This was not risotto! Orzo is actually rice shaped pasta. Yeah, it was my very first time having orzo. It was nicely done with presence of tomatoes and of course the big prawns!

Spaghetti ala Buzara. This was similar to aglio olio. Simple dish with olive oil with chopped parsley, prawns and white wine. I would personally preferred this. This was good!

Sauteed mushrooms were next. The mushroom was no less than lovely and “bouncy”.

Cream spinach. This was surprisingly good. Well, I am no spinach lover unlike Popeye. The creamy feelings were similar to the usual mashed potatoes, but this was much healthier!

Baked potatoes with Cheese. Baked potatoes lovers, you must try this! This was delicious! The cheese was baked nicely and every bite was cheezy!

Lamb Peka, an authentic Croatian dish. With herbs, the lamb was cooked with coal with open fire. Many would love this, yet the taste was slightly a little bit unique for me. Probably my first time having this, but the rest loved this!

Mushroom with the greens.

The mini lamb burgers that was cute but tasty as well. Yat was bugging me the whole night claiming this was one of the best lamb burger he had. One would imagine how many mini burgers he salvaged during the dinner. To be fair to him, the burger was nicely done. The lamb patty meat was really nice. This is highly recommended!

Lamb goulash was the last dish before dessert. The cheese topped with generous amount of lamb was one of the foodies favourites. I sense lots of cheese lovers from the group.

The chef then wanted to do a show and tell for us. It was for the dessert, the crepe suzette! As we looked in hunger, he prepared it with  butter, sugar, orange juice, loads of orange rind, and generous amount of Cointreau and Brandy.

Fire!! Chef wasn’t happy as I told him to make more fire. Fire!

The end result was the lovely crepe that many would craved for. A must try!

Not to forget also the Croatian wines.

After the dinner, everyone got excited and started to mingle around. Of course, I unleashed my DSLR and started to take pictures my fellow foodies. Me and Rebecca Saw of thenomadgourmand!

Me and the ever gourgeous Bangsar Babe that hailed from nowhere near Bangsar. Joking, joking.

Me and the originals,!

One shall not forget, Fayboybakes and me! I looked taller here.

Me and the invincible,

Me and the ever gorgeous Rachel of This is not my wife Rachel but she can be the 2nd. Joking, joking.

Me and the rest of the foodies. It wasn’t a food tasting session, more to a reunion of foodies.

Overall, it was great stuff and thanks for the lovely amazing Croatian cuisine. If you are looking for something different and unique, Dubrovnik will be the right place for you!

Restaurant Dubrovnik

2 Jalan Solaris, Mont Kiara,
50480 Kuala Lumpur
Tues-Sun 11.30am – 11.30pm

11 thoughts on “A Croatian Dinner Affair at Dubrovnik, Pearl of Mediterranean, Solaris, Mount Kiara

  1. the baked potato with cheese look like american roach terbalik one if in black XD but then all look very nice!!! i also want to eat!!*-*~

  2. The found look excellent, my personal favorite is the Veal peak and Palachinka (Pancakes). If you are in are of Split, you should try lam on a spit (I am not lam eater my selves) but everybody talks about it, so I guess it must be excellent.

    Other excellent places to eat is the restaurant Kapitano in the city Ston about 60 km from Dubrovnik

    Brgds, Morten
    .-= Croatia blogger´s last blog ..Omis Urlaub | Omis die Stadt der Piraten =-.

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