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Double Celebrations at Halal Ahroy Thai Cuisine, Cheras

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*Written by Wilson Ng*


How do you know that your parents support you in blogging?

They arranged restaurant for us to review! Seriously, my parents arrange this food review session for us. We’ve been to this restaurant a couple of times and we knew the owners very well. Located beside Hong Leong bank and opposite of Cheras Leisure Mall, Ahroy Thai Cuisine is one of the popular Thai restaurant in the neighbourhood. Serving authentic Thai food, most of the chefs there are Thais. Wonder what’s the double celebrations is all about? Keep on reading.

We started off with something that’s hard to get in Malaysia, the Thai Traditional Leaf Wrapped Savouries (Mieng Kam)  RM12 (US$ 4) . Why is it hard to get? Mainly because of the leaf. The leaf played an important part in this dish. It also comes with peanuts, ginger, onion, lime, chilli, dried coconut, dried shrimps and sweet sauce. How to eat it?

Just put everything and wrapped it and eat. Taste wise? Awesome, slightly hot and crunchy!

Tom Yam Seafood   (S)RM18 [US$ 5] (M)RM25 [US$ 8] (B)RM35 [US$ 10] was next. We never expected the generous amount of seafood and the heavenly taste of hot spicy and sour soup. This is a must for Tom Yum lovers.

Green Curry Chicken (S) RM 15  [US$ 5] (B) RM 25 [US$ 7] is a must for green curry lovers.

Lemon Grass Salad (S) RM 15  [US$ 5] (B) RM 25 [US$ 7] was lovely. Wrapped together with leaf, the taste was a bit sour and amazingly “refreshing”.

This was special. No need to travel to Chukai or Kemaman. Stuffed Crab  RM4-5/pc [US$ 1.50] available here. However, the taste was different than the ones from Kemaman / Chukai. Here, they mixed the crab meat with eggs and deep fried it. The taste differs also. Well, I loved this! For the price, it was a steal!

Steam Fish In Thai Style (Seasonal Price) was next. Served on the hot plate, the fish was fresh and soup was hot and sour.

The feast wasn’t over yet. The next dish was the Steam Squid With Garlic & Lime   RM20 [US$ 6]. A unique dish I must say. The combination of garlic and lime for the soup blended well with the fresh steam squid.

After we had the steam squid, we had another of squid, Siam Stuffed Squid RM20 [US$ 6] . This was lovely!

Pandan Chicken  RM2.40/pc [US$ 0.70 per pc] was nicely done. Most of the time, the chicken will be either too salty due to over marinated or too dry. This time around, it was well done. Chicken deep fried within the pandan leaves were fragrant and addictive.

Chicken Salad RM10 [US$ 3] was next. Similar to lemongrass salad, but using chicken. Taste was slightly different though.

Brinjal Salad   RM 10 [US$ 3] was excitingly new to me.

I had no complaints with Tapioca With Coconut Milk RM6 [US$3]. The sweet tapioca topped with coconut milk and sesame, the taste was rich in coconut with the soft tapioca. This was nice!

Thai Cendol RM4 [US$ 1.30]

Water Chestnut With Coconut Milk RM5 [US$ 1.50] was another fan favourite.

Lastly we had the durian cendol that ended our food review session.

Yet, the surprise was the Sunny’s mango cake for Sidney’s birthday.

Sidney loved the cake. Nice!

The biggest surprised was to my parents. Bigboysoven’s durian cake which is my favourite. I bought this cake for my parents 32nd wedding anniversary.

My parents loved the cake. They are durian lovers.

The dinner was amazing! Very authentic Thai dishes and it was very well done. It’s a place worth a visit for Thai food. One more thing, the place is HALAL certified!


48, Jalan Manis 1
Taman Segar, Cheras
56100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-9133 2330

(Opposite Leisure Mall)

If you plan to go for dinner, do go earlier as it can be quite packed during the dinner hours.

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