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*Written by Wilson Ng*


Thank you the organizers of GOODYEAR Formula Drift Pro-Am Series 2009 for the media pass. The event itself was awesome!!

Held for the FIRST TIME! Yeah in Malaysia on 19th – 20th December, 2009 at MAEPS (Malaysia Agro Exposition Park Serdang), the event was world class! I took more than 400 pictures on Sunday alone.

Well, I prepared myself with my DSLR for it but I forgot to bring extra towels.

At the events like this, there will be always hot umbrella girls around.

More girls…

And lucky enough I bumped to someone that I know.

Me camwhoring with her. Only camwhore okay.

Again met another person that I know. She’s in the FHM Girls Next Door!

One great part of this event was the drivers autograph sessions.

The queue was long but it was well under control.

Not to mention some of them loved on camera too. This was Jane, our local hot car drifter!

When there’s girls, there’s always cars. Mazda was the official car for the race. Well, Sharon of Mazda was generous enough to treat me McD for lunch. Thanks for the bribe and this were the hot Mazda cars paraded there.

I heard there will be a new car launching next year, can’t wait to test drive it!

Another custom made car. This was the Mazda RX-8 police car edition. This was so cool.

I loved how the organizer used the Goodyear remote control balloon. It was really nice.

I almost forgotten the official car was the Mazda MX-5. Another car that I adore.

The race of top 16 was starting and the drivers were parading with the hot models.

The cars were parading for the crowd.

Smoking tires, burning rubbers!

Check out the smoke, free smell!

The crowd’s favourite, Mad Mike from New Zealand!

But there was another big favourite that day. Our local drift king, Tengku Djan!!

Let’s go to the top 16 round!

Tengku Djan vs. Yoong!

The crowd loved the free tire smell.

Tengku Djan won this battle.

Next, Hoong vs. Nasrul.

Nasrul won this battle.

Mervyn vs. Rhenadi from Indonesia.

Mervyn proceeded to the next round.

Ser Ming Hui vs. Chaiyos, Ser Ming Hui won the battle!

Hanizam bt Kulachat

Tat Wei went against Kiki of PTT Thailand

Kiki eased to next round.

The dream battle! Mad Mike vs. Ryuji Miki!

Mad Mike got a slight upper hand and won this! The battle was awesome!

Ivan Lau went against Faireen.

Ivan Lau went to next round.

Last 8 battle, Tengku Djan went against Nasrul!

Nasrul made a mistake and Tengku Djan took this!

Mervyn vs Ser Ming Hui. Mervyn proceeded to the next round.

Hanizam vs Kiki from Thailand.

Kiki won the battle.

Mad Mike went against Ivan Lau!

Ivan Lau made a mistake and Mad Mike won it with ease.

Last 4, saw Tengku Djan went head to head with Mervyn

Mervyn trying hard to keep with up with Djan.

Tengku Djan proceeded to the finals!

Mad Mike went against Thai’s Kiki

It was a close battle! Crowd went wild for this!

Then something happened.

Mad Mike accidentally hit Kiki’s car. They both came down.

Mad Mike raised Kiki’s hand knowing he made a mistake. The judges ruled Kiki as the winner to go against Tengku Djan for the final!

While waiting the final battle, the crowd went wild with mexican waves!

I couldn’t stop camwhoring with the wild crowd behind.

The battle for 3rd placing, Mad Mike vs. Mervyn!

Mervyn trying to play catch up with Mad Mike!

Mike closing to Mervyn.

Mad Mike won this! Mad Mike got 3rd!

Next, the FINALS!!!

Tengku Djan head to head against the Thai’s Kiki.

Djan giving Kiki the run!

Tengku Djan closing up with Kiki.

The battle was close, no one knows who will win.

The judges unanomiously agreed OMT!! One More Time!! The crowd cheered!

One more time, they went head to head!

Kiki chasing up to Tengku Djan!

Tengku Djan against Kiki.

Another close battle but Tengku Djan won this!

Yes, Tengku Djan won the first GOODYEAR Formula Drift Pro-Am Series 2009. MALAYSIA BOLEH!

The top 3 drivers!

The winning top 3 at the press room.

It was one awesome event! World class! I’m looking forward for next year for this again. I


Thanks for reading!

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