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GOODYEAR Formula Drift 2009 Malaysia Preview

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*Written by Wilson Ng*

Thank you the organizers of GOODYEAR Formula Drift Pro-Am Series 2009 for the media pass. The event itself was awesome!!

Held for the FIRST TIME! Yeah in Malaysia on 19th – 20th December, 2009 at MAEPS (Malaysia Agro Exposition Park Serdang), the event was world class! I took more than 400 pictures on Sunday alone.

I was pretty excited as this was my first drifting event I attended. Let me show some previews of the event, full update will be coming soon!

They gave me a media pass so I can photo trigger happy! The place was packed!

Check out the hot drifting cars with capacity crowd behind!

Not to mention the sizzling umbrella girls!

Hello ladies!

What am I looking for in such event? Smokin’ tires and free rubber smell!

Custom made local cars! Mazda RX 8 Police Car Edition, cool and awesome!

Female hottie driver Azrina Jane! Autograph session with her and the rest of the top class drifters! Woot!!

Dream battle! Mad Mike vs Ryuji Miki!! Crowd went wild for this!

Local Drift King, Tengku Djan vs. Nasrul!!

Not forgetting my camwhore sessions with the hot umbrella girls!

More comprehensive update about the event will be coming soon!

Custom made cars, International Car Drifters, Awesome Drift Cars and Hot Umbrella Girls, nothing more can be ask for!

I hope you all love the preview and heck, you all just missed a hell of an event!  GOODYEAR Formula Drift Pro-Am Series 2009 ROCKS!!

Thanks for reading~~~ pst..pst..

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