March 24, 2023

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M-IFW MIFA Malaysia International Fashion Week 2009 at The Pavilion, KL

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*Written by Wilson Ng*

Rachel supposed to write for this but she’s too busy keep our house clean.

Well, this was our first MIFA or MIFW. Thanks to Jen for the special invites.

One thing nice about Pavilion is, its huge. Not to mention the lovely staircase towards the catwalk stage. Well, we got ourselves very nice seating. Very close to the runway.

Me and Rachel was getting excited for the show.

Ricky and Jen, our beloved friends.

The emcees of the night, Datuk Mahathir Lokhman and dazzling Andrea Fonseka.

We were told the show is hot but not as hot as this! Meow!!

Well, the rest of the below are some of the pictures taken that night. Enjoy! I got 40++ pictures, take your time and load it!

This was the singer who sang graciously while fitting on this stunning dress!

Andrea with a new sexy dress!

It was a great show. I saw a few really good designs and the local and invited overseas designers were equally great. Also not to mention few invited International models that were so hot!

I hope I can come again next year!

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