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Zombieland Movie Review

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*Written by Rachel Ting*

The movie, Zombieland (also refers as Z-Land) is about how 4 people (Columbus, Tallahasse, 2 sisters; Wichita and Little Rock) meets and all 4 had set out a mission to travel to their own destination in the East Side where it is said to be zombie-free.
It started with a coward and shy guy, Columbus is joined by a seasoned Zombie-slayer, Tallahassee and besides his quest to the Zombie-free state, he is hocked on to Twinkie (resemble a Gardenia twinkie bun) and would stop at nothing until he gets one. While they were looking for Twinkies in a supermart, the 2 sisters appears and tricked them. The 2 sisters took their car and left them stranded.
Not giving up, both Columbus and Tallahasse manage to catch up on the 2 sisters and after series of disagreement, they learned to trust each other and continue the journey together.

This movie is crazily funny yet thrilled, seeing all of the zombie charged towards the 2 sisters because they left the 2 guys again to Pacific Island, which also happened to be a fun fair.
Columbus had fallen for Wichita since the beginning, poor fella who is quite shut-in decided to go and look for them in Pacific Island.
Needless to say, with Tallahasse rambo styled of killing the zombie and the courageous Columbus finally overcome his phobia with a Zombie clown and they save the 2 sisters.

There were guest star in the movie, and you wouldnt believe it, is Bill Murray. They went to his mansion in Beverly Hills as they wanted to crash into the A-list celebrity home to get some rest.
Bill disguised himself as a zombie to save him from being attack and was discover by Tallahasse and Wichita. Just when you think there could be an additional member in the team, he got shoot by Columbus when he was trying to prank Columbus and Little Rock!

There are some amazing scenes at the fun fair; scenes where Tallahasse were shooting at the zombies riding on roller coaster, swinging on the rides etc.

This is not your typical zombie thriller movie like Resident Evil, so be prepared to get yourself amused.

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