April 12, 2024


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*Written by Wilson Ng*

A beach holiday would be a perfect remedy now. However, our next beach holiday won’t happened until March. I had been going thru a lot of stress lately. I’m yet to get all my stuffs done for Argentina. Still left a few things for it. Will be rushing to complete my work and getting my preparations done before next week, I hope.

For now imagine.

Just imagine a very sunny day.

Under the clear blue sky, the best possible place for sunbathing. The soothing air blowing from the ocean, with fine beach sands at the tip of your toes.

Well, it wasn’t really a dream but one of our beach holiday we did last year. Our second getaway trip to Cherating. It was a short trip, destress trip.

After a good old 5 hours drive from Kuala Lumpur by using Karak highway (then North East highway), destination Cherating was a quiet place for holiday. We stayed at The Legend Hotel Cherating. Will do a quick review on the hotel later on.

Cherating is a quiet place that many mistaken that it is  in Trengganu instead of Pahang. There are quite a few of seafood restaurants in Cherating, most of them are operated by Muslims. The nearest town from Cherating will be Chukai, its around 15 min drive from Cherating. Kuantan will be an hour drive.

Rachel thought Cherating was slightly bored for her. I will stay neutral on this. Regardless, the beach was well maintain looking towards the beautiful South China Sea.

Cherating would be a quiet getaway with sunny sandy beaches.

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