February 7, 2023

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Eva Peron, Evita’s Tomb at La Recoleta Cemetery, Buenos Aires

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Eva Peron, Evita’s Tomb at La Recoleta Cemetery, Buenos Aires

The La Recoleta Cemetery is located at the exclusive Recoleta neighbourhood of Buenos Aires. There’s also a flea or weekend market nearby as well as the Hard Rock Cafe. The best part of visiting the La Recoleta Cemetery was the chance to visit Eva Peron’s tomb.

The La Recoleta Cemetery is huge and many great figures of Argentinians had their tombs here. Most are well architect and designed. For this, La Recoleta Cemetery is an important role for Buenos Aires and Argentina for its history. It’s one of the MUST GO place in Buenos Aires.

The entrance to the cemetery is free. I managed to locate Eva Peron’s tomb thanks to the huge map at the entrance of the cemetery. Like you could expected, the tomb is packed with tourists. Some brought flowers to pay respect to her. Some recognized her from the movie, Evita played by Madonna.

This is not just only her tomb, but also the Duarte family tomb. To know more about Eva Peron, please read this from Wikipedia.org

Below are the pictures of the tomb…

Some of the metal plates engraved.

The cemetery is huge, to explore the whole cemetery it would take more than an hour. I will post more pictures of other tombs of La Recoleta next time.

Well, this was me. It was a gloomy day in Buenos Aires with occasional rain showers. I spent almost 40 min walking around the cemetery and I haven’t even covered half of it.

Again, I would recommend this place to visit in Buenos Aires. The opening time and opening days for this cemetery, I’m unsure. Get the local map from the tourist information counter at Florida Street, all the information will be there. The best part is, they can speak English and the map is FREE. It’s possible to walk over there, it’s around 8-10 blocks from Florida Street. We walked there by foot.

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9 thoughts on “Eva Peron, Evita’s Tomb at La Recoleta Cemetery, Buenos Aires

  1. Ahahah, did you get lost like I did when I went there or did you have a guide? After all that searching, we finally found the tomb with her plaque there among others. I must have spent a good 2 hours wondering the mausoleum and after that, we went to the Hard Rock Cafe for some drinks.

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  2. Well, my sign language is good enough. Just kidding.

    I had someone to show me the location on the map. I asked around on the entrance, and thank god someone managed to help me.

    See you soon David. Very soon.

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