June 3, 2023

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My First Small Aircraft Flying Experience with Aero Club Ushuaia, ARGENTINA

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My First Small Aircraft Flying Experience with Aero Club Ushuaia, ARGENTINA

Upon arriving Ushuaia, Argentina I often see the light aircraft venturing the sky. Thus, I asked one of the local tour operators out of curiosity and I was told that it wasn’t expensive.

The Aero Club Ushuaia Airport is located near the port. We drove there and try to find the rates. Half an hour flight cost around US$ 70 and an hour flight cost around US$ 120. Please bear in mind the rates was in 2010.

We booked our flight and we were flying with a 4 seater Piper Cheerokee. I flew in a 20 seater or less but never a 4 seater so I was quite anxious about it.

I was flying with Rate and he had his flying experience with small aircarft similar to this in Africa. Thus, he warned about “airsickness”.


Why air sickness? Flying with a small aircraft is totally different then flying with the usual commercial air plane.


Since it is light, I get to feel the turbulence at full force. Even flying at clear blue sky, turbulence occurs due to air pockets. “Air pockets” or clear-air turbulence is caused when bodies of air moving at widely different speeds meet. The feeling is similar to the roller coaster drop but this happens without warning.


We slowly flew across the snow capped mountains of Ushuaia and other part region of Tierra Del Fuego.


As we flew further in to the high ranges of the mountains, we get to see more snow capped mountains. Please bear in mind, this is during summer and I can’t imagine how thick is the snow during winter time.


We slowly flew back to the Beagle Channel as I spotted this beautiful lake located in the top of mountain. As you can see, you can’t spot any human presence.


The Isles de Tierra del Fuego with the backdrop of the snowy mountains. We slowly flew near the border of Chile and the captain was alling them to inform them.

Lastly, this is the picture of Martillo Island or better known as Penguin Island. The small little dots are penguins!

We got lucky as we didn’t get the clearance to land so we got an extra of 20 minutes of flying time for free. The pilot was a real fun fella, though his English was poor but he never give up explain the places to us in English.  We tipped him at the end of the day.

If you want the beautiful air plane view of Tierra Del Feugo, please try this small aircraft flying experience.

Please do check out their website here at www.aeroclubushuaia.org.ar


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9 thoughts on “My First Small Aircraft Flying Experience with Aero Club Ushuaia, ARGENTINA

  1. I don’t think I can get on a plane as small as that one. I even have problems riding on big ones, I always feel nervous. But I’m the type who like to try something new even for just once and this one is a good addition to my list. Well at least until I gather enough guts to do it. I still have to try para-sailing and a bungee jump to name a few. =P
    .-= Kyle´s last blog ..Pluslån =-.

  2. Just back from a trip to Patagonia and of course a flight with that small Piper. My pilot was Omar for 30 minutes. A perfect day, no wind, just fun. Now they charge 100 US$, which is OK.
    A wonderful experience flying to the mountains and that small lighthouse and next to the Beagle channel. Would always do it again, as I was the only one from about 1000 passengers from the cruise ship AIDA. Also you get an certificate to remember the flght as a souvenir.
    Thank you Omar.

  3. Hi Ludwig,

    I am glad you enjoyed the flying experience like I did. It is great to hear from someone who actually experienced it.



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