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Grampians National Park, AUSTRALIA – A Great Hike

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Grampians National Park, AUSTRALIA – A Great Hike

A couple of summers ago, when me and Rachel were still dating, we went to state of Victoria of Australia for a 2 weeks holiday. Visiting the Grampians National Park was our motive together with the Great Ocean Road. We went to the Melbourne Central Station to look for the local tours. Back in 2001, we found a local tour that offered 2 days 1 night with home stay for only A$99. Inclusive of home stay dinner and breakfast, we couldn’t ask for more. After traveling hours with the group, we reached Grampians National Park. Led by the tour guide who was in his 60s, he led us up to the mountains.

Digital camera wasn’t that cheap back then, pictures were taken via a cheap film camera.

Hiking up Grampians wasn’t that tough as we thought. In an hour’s time, we reached the top.

Going through the waterfalls like this, our bodies were not tired at all. In fact, we craved for more at that time.

Waterfall in Grampians National Park, Victoria.

Looking down from we stand the magnificent view of the inner side of the mountains.

Well, as we look at the other side of the mountains, we were treated such scenic view that is worth the 2 hours of hiking.

Back then, Rachel was cuter.

And I was much cooler with an orange dyed hair.

It was a hell an amazing experience for us. Lately, we had been discussing to go back to Australia for a short trip. With our wedding dinner coming soon around the corner, we had to give it a pass.

The route up to the Grampians National Park, all together was around 2 hours. I would rate the hiking difficulty medium. The view was breathtaking and please do watch up the steps while hiking up. Having a stick to balance your steps would be a great idea. We went during Spring so it was slightly slippery due to earlier rainfalls. Other than that, it wasn’t a big problem at all. It was one of the “easy” great hike I had in my life.

How to get to Grampians National Park

We booked our local tour agent at the Melbourne Central Train Station back then in 2001. Please do visit them if you need more info.

Driving up there wouldn’t be a problem nowadays with a GPS. Renting a car would be fun as you are going to pass by Great Ocean Road.

The 260 km drive from Melbourne along the Western or Glenelg Highways takes about 3.5 hours. There are approaches to Halls Gap (Vic Roads Touring Guide 56-A4) via Stawell, Ararat, Horsham or Dunkeld. ParksVictoria.vic.gov.au


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