March 23, 2023

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100 Years Sarm Chook Market Suphan Buri

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100 Years Sarm Chook Market, Suphan Buri, THAILAND

Yes, it’s known to have existed for 100 years old, the Sarm Chook Market of Suphan Buri, Thailand. Unseen and probably another gem of Suphan Buri, we were probably the first few who visited the market. This was a sponsored trip organized by the Tourism Authority of Thailand.

Catered for local, the market is used to be a Chinese settlement. The century old structures are still remained till today, like the wooden house in the picture. Do you notice that there are a few newer structures beside the wooden house?

The market is similar to a Chinese traditional market. You can find many food, souvenirs and local products are available here. The market is pretty huge as there are three to four lanes filled with various types of stalls. We took almost an hour to walk around the market as this is our first time here.

Like I mentioned earlier on, this place is still not publicized or commercialized yet so only locals usually shopped in the market. You hardly find any foreigners at this market.

Souvenirs and things like hats are a common sight in the market. Always remember, prices are negotiable. Please always request for a calculator if they have one if you can’t speak Thai.

As I wandered around the market, I realized the market is situated by the riverside. That’s makes sense as that is how the Chinese started their settlement here.

Food is another attraction in Sarm Chook market as I mentioned earlier. Mostly traditional Thai food are available here, as mostly the customers are locals.

The uniqueness of this market will be the old buildings dated probably back to a century old. Traditional local food could be another attraction here. One of the best thing about This market is it is not fully commercialized yet.

How to get to Sarm Choon Market Suphan Buri:

It’s a very good question. Try to source for local tours that is inclusive of Suphan Buri. As I was brought here by the Tourism Authority of Thailand to promote this place, I bet they would have local tour companies providing tour to this place. Good Luck!

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