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AFC, Asian Food Channel Icip Icip – Anis Nabilah

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AFC (Asian Food Channel) Icip Icip – Anis Nabilah

Last week, I was invited to The Curve to meet the host of AFC (Asian Food Channel) Icip Icip – Anis Nabilah. In the beautiful Garden restaurant at the Curve, the talented young chef spoke about Icip Icip and also her life behind the kitchen scene.

Like many other Malaysians that includes me, Anis also grew up watching Malaysia’s finest, Chef Wan. Her experiences working with Chef Wan is a dream comes true to her. She mentioned its hard for her to work hand to hand with her idol as there were so many questions to ask him. Yet, her collaboration with Chef Wan was memorable to her as she learned a lot from him.

Malaysia’s young and rising Chef, Anis Nabilah

The English speaking petite size Anis told me how she loved her family on supporting her life she’s on now. Growing up in a kitchen with her mother and 6 sisters, it was a lifelong ambition for award winning Anis to be selected as the host of her new series Icip Icip.

Traveling the length and breadth of Malaysia and cooking on location with both passion and tnthusiasm, Anis has made Malaysian cooking accessible for viewers by bringing them simple tips and tasty recipes that everyone could follow.

Anis made the cup cakes for the media and press with her own recipe.

Anis graduated with a diploma from the Food Institute of Malaysia in 2008 and has won numerous awards and accolades.

Well, its me and the pretty Anis Nabilah.
The young and rising Anis also has a few more projects on her way. One of the youngest celebrity chef in Malaysia, she has both the look and talent.

The Asian Food Channel (AFC) brands the Malaysian food experience regionally across 7 countries in Asia with Icip Icip making an exciting debut on AFC premiering on Astro 703.

Icip Icip will air on every Thursday on the Asian Food Channel from 25 February to 20 May 2010.

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  1. Halo anis,

    Saya suka tengok rancangan icip-icip yang di-kelolakan oleh anda dan rakan anda itu.

    Syabasssssss saya ucapkan

    Salam dari Singapura.

  2. i see potential in her but the way she sell herself by wearing unpleasant attire (short skirts, short body shaped dresses which shows off her body parts, etc) make me feel sick..sell your talent, not your body!

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