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Commerson’s Dolphins in Strait of Magallen, CHILE

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Commerson’s Dolphins in Strait of Magallen, CHILE

One of the places I visited in Chile, was the Strait of Magallen. After crossing the border from Argentina, we had to cross the Strait of Magallen to go to Argentina again for Ushuaia. Weird but true, we need to cross Chile in order to back to Argentina.

Upon reaching the Strait of Magallen, there was a long queue. A lot of passenger cars and trucks queuing up towards the coast.

Little did I know that, we need to cross the strait with the huge ferry? While snapping the pictures of the ferry, I spotted something small on the strait.

Yes, a dolphin. It’s not just a common dolphin, its called the Commerson’s dolphin. It also named as the skunk dolphin or the piebald dolphin.

The dolphin is named for Philibert Commerson, who first described them in 1767 after he sighted them in the Strait of Magallen. – Wikipedia.org

It’s probably a common sight of the dolphins in the Strait of Magallen, but it was my first time. There’s a school of dolphins swimming and following us on the ferry. It’s seems to be they enjoy with our company.

Like me, other tourists or passengers on the ferry, took the pictures of the dolphin. They were swimming and leaping up on the air as if they know we are taking pictures of them. The dolphins eventually followed us to the other part of the coast.

I hope you all like the dolphin pictures I have took, it was quite hard for me to focus on board of the ferry.

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