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Tresor Casino De Bariloche, Patagonia, ARGENTINA

Casinos are everywhere in Argentina. Almost in every town we visited. One of the most memorable casinos out of all I visited in Argentina was the Tresor Casino De Bariloche in the lovely city of Bariloche, Patagonia. Out of the few places that I fell in love in Argentina, Bariloche is one of them. I wish I could own one of the apartments to stay there during summer or even winter.

My 2 nights stay in Bariloche was memorable. Shopping is a fun thing to do here as well as the cold weather in summer. One of the places to visit especially at night is the Tresor Casino De Bariloche.

Located and attached Hotel Panamericano Bariloche, Tresor Casino is one to visit for gamblers. Reason? Please read on.

This is the door for our gambling session in Bariloche. During day time, most of the tables are closed. Go to the casino during night, it will be busy and most tables will be open.

Playing roulette was fun here, the people in Tresor Casino was quite professional unlike the Casino Club’s casinos. The poker game was the best. I won quite a bit from the poker table. They are the only casino that I visited that allows players to change a card for the Poker game and the bankers were very friendly here. I tipped them quite a bit.

During late nights, there were older people gambling than the young ones. In fact, I was gambling and chatting with a group of elder people from Chile. Thank god they know how to speak simple English, we had a great night chatting and winning.

If not mistaken, they also offered free drinks to the guests. Slot machines were fun to play and they had a good variety of new slot machines. My 2 nights there were memorable and profitable.

On top of the good services and clean environment, they offered live bands at times as well as guest stars like celebrity Julio Iglesias.

Too bad, we had to leave a day earlier if not I would love to watch him singing.

Tresor Casino Bariloche was a fun place to gamble and one to visit during night time. Admission was either FREE or 2 pesos per day.

Tresor CASINO DE BARILOCHE Contact and Address:
Av. San Martín 535
Tel/fax (+54 2944) 433 430 – 433 449
San Carlos de Bariloche


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  1. Argentina seems to have some cool casino spots. From your descriptions, Bariloche seems like a decent casino with a great staff and crowd. Thanks for the info!

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