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Mazda 2 Launch in Malaysia- World Car Of The Year

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Mazda 2 Media Launch – World Car Of The Year Is in Malaysia!

Zoom zoom zoom! The 2009 World Car of the Year is finally here in Malaysia. The much long awaited Mazda 2! Prima Merdu / Bermaz Motor adds the Upbeat Family Car to its Line-up.

Thank you for the special invitation. The media launch was help at Prima Merdu Puchong showroom.

The all-new Mazda2 is the third-generation version. Since its global launch, it has won over 51 prizes all over the world, including numerous Car of the Year awards from leading publications and associations. It is especially outstanding for winning the World Car of the Year 2008 title, which has been the preserve of very expensive cars from the top brands.

The Mazda 2 Event girls. They dressed up nicely and it would be rude not to take a picture of them.

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