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The World Largest Golden Teak Mansion: The Vimanmek Mansion, Bangkok, THAILAND

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The World Largest Golden Teak Mansion: The Vimanmek Mansion, Bangkok, THAILAND

Bangkok has been my annual destination in this few years. Though I visited Bangkok numerous times, there are always places that I always missed. Bangkok is just too huge and colourful.

Last year’s trip to Bangkok brought me to a few unchartered territories, the Vimanmek Mansion or Palace is one of those. Built in 1900 by King Rama V, Vimanmek Mansion is entirely built using teak wood. It is the world largest golden teak mansion.

Before I enter the mansion, I must deposit my camera at the safety box, photography is not allowed. Even as an invited guest, there’s no lenient in such rule. However, I was only allowed to take the picture of the exterior of the mansion from far.

Then, the other media representatives and I were greeted by a soft spoken Thai guide. Fluent in English, she slowly brought us to tour the mansion. The first impression was the floor, entirely made from teak wood. Though the structure was more than 100 years old, expect no squeaking sound from the floor. No cracks on the wall or the ceiling, the teak wood used must be the highest quality.

From one room to another, we came to the understanding why there were no pictures were allowed. We were like walking back to the old days following the trail of the past as the guide explains carefully almost each and every photograph on the wall means and also gifts from other countries. From America to Europe, Middle East to Asia, gifts to the late King packed the Vimanmek Mansion on items such as tea set, porcelains, vases and many more.

Interesting enough, the mansion has the first modern toilet bowl made from brass in Thailand and also the ancient weapons used during previous wars. Pictures of the late King and his family show the happiness of the royal family within the mansion. There are always 2 staircases, 1 for the royal family and 1 for the maid.

After a 30 min of exploration and history telling, we were brought back to reality, the tour ended. I wonder how many times a day the guide tells the story. She was so good at it as if she was reading it out from the book. Nevertheless, I hope that I can bring Rachel there as I bet she will love it.

For tourists that loves the history and the architecture of the Vimanmek Mansion is one not to be missed.

How to get to Vimanmek Mansion:

It is located at the Dusit Mansion complex and it is near the Dusit Zoo in Dusit distrit. The easiest way is by taking a taxi, in my own opinion.

Vimanmek Mansion address and contact:


TEL. +66 2 628 6300-9 FAX +66 2 628 6049

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  1. I just love that mansion made from teak wood.No other wood compares to teak when it comes to durability, elegance, stability and low maintenance.
    The beauty of Teak wood adds an exotic touch inside and out.

    Malkit Ram

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