February 22, 2024


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Travel Smart with iTalkWhoa.com

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Travel Smart with iTalkWhoa.com

Social networking is very important in our life. Few of the most popular social networking platforms today are Facebook and Twitter. It’s undeniable that most people start their work checking their email, then checking on their Facebook or updating on Twitter.

By opening many windows, one tends to slowed down the internet bandwidth. Not forgetting also the hassle of remembering multiple usernames, email addresses and passwords.

Since the introduction of iTalk Whoa, my life is never been easier.  It can manage multiple emails, and the best part is SMS via web.

Despite having 2 lovely mobile phones, sms using my mobile is never a great idea to me. Buttons are just too small and it’s hard to sms quick. I don’t blame the phones but it seems to be harder to sms by phone when you can sms on your laptop or PC.

The real scenario will be location. I travel quite a bit this year to a few countries and I always carry my laptop around. Despite having the luxury of mobile phone with IDD calls, SMS back home is really expensive. Sms ranging from RM 1.50 and above, a post paid user like me will never know how much I actually spent on my sms, only to realize it on my phone bill. To be safe, I would rather use iTalkWhoa to sms back home, reliable, easy and safe!

There’s no doubt I save more money on my sms but don’t forget, I can also use iTalkwhoa for calls as well! What calls? Well, another thing that I found out about iTalkwhoa.com is the IDD call rates from Malaysia. My younger brother is working in Los Angeles, USA. I often call him on my mobile and it’s not cheap. Guess how much iTalkWhoa.com is charging, 14 sen per minute. It’s even cheaper than making a local call! Seriously, I can chat with him on my headphone in front of my laptop without even carrying my mobile! My other usual call list would be Australia which is around 30 sen per minute and Thailand which is around 32 sen per minute.

Should I really tell you more? Discover it yourself now at iTalkwhoa.com

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