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Beautiful Poda Island of Krabi, THAILAND

The Poda Island is thethid island of the 4 islands tour in Krabi, Thailand. Krabi is located at the southern west part of Thailand and Phuket Island is within its province. The 4 island tour was inclusive of Tup Island, Chicken Island, Poda Island and Phra Nang Cave. Most of the local tour companies offer this tour. You can join any tour by street of Aonang, rates differs.

After having fun in Tup Island and Chicken Island, we sailed to Poda Island for lunch. Our tour was inclusive of lunch which is a packet of mixed rice and a bottle of mineral water. If you are wondering, everyone else was having the same lunch box.

Poda Island was hit by 2004 tsunami as well. Tsunami evacuation signs can be seen on the island.

Love the crystal clear water, everyone was having fun in the water under the hot sun

Poda Island was slightly different from the earlier 2 islands. The island was slightly bigger and has the backdrop of a small rock island.

As we walked around the island, we spotted 2 long tail boats offering food. Like the food stall, the 2 wooden boats were selling from fried chicken to Thai fried rice. It was an eye opener. They were also offering baguette and fruit shakes.

There is nothing beats a good fruit shake under the hot sun! The food and drink price in the range of 40-60 Thai Baht which is less than USD 2. Slightly expensive than the stalls in Krabi but on an island like this, it’s worth it. We spent an hour lying down under the shady coconut trees after our lunch and fruit shake.

A good spot for sunbathing and having your lunch under the shady coconut trees.

Check out the color tones of the water, lovely.

Friend Laney in front of the trademark landscape of Poda Island.

This was me waiting for my fried chicken.

How to get to Poda Island:
Go to the local tour companies (mostly speaks English) and ask for the 4 islands tour. The tour was inclusive of Tup Island, Chicken Island, Poda Island and Phra Nang Cave. The cheapest rate was around 1,200 baht (around US 40) per person. Travel by speed boat will be more expensive. The rates are based on Dec 2009.

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