March 23, 2023

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The 3 Dollars BBQ Beef with Noodles and 2 Dollars Chen Choun Fish at Siem Reap Stalls, Cambodia

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3 Dollars BBQ Beef with Noodles at Siem Reap Stalls, Cambodia

Opposite the ever popular Pub Street of Siem Reap, there are group of food stalls serving variety of food from BBQ to local delicacies. Rather than dining at the nicer looking restaurants in Pub Street, we preferred to go local for one of the nights.

A little girl showed us the menu, as we then cramped into a wooden table. It wasn’t dirty, don’t get me wrong. It is similar to the local roadside stalls in Malaysia. The lady boss came and explained a bit about the menu. We ordered the Chen Choun Fish. Okay, I had no idea of this Chen Choun Fish as well, it was written as “fried fish with fermented soy beans, fried fresh ginger, garlic, shallots, fish sauce and palm sugar”. It was well describe, I guess it is probably many foreigners wanted to know what they are having like us.

The Chen Choun Fish came without as a whole fish as shown as the picture from the menu. The fish was cut too pieces and cooked with the sauce and came with the rice. It didn’t really bother that much. For US 2 dollars, I don’t really expect much from it.

The platter came with yellow noodles, vegetables and rice.
Then we ordered the US 3 dollars Barbeque (BBQ) Beef. There were various meats available, chicken, beef, pork and shrimp. Each meat cost US 3 dollars, but all of the meats will cost only a mere US 8 dollars. Since it was just Rachel and I, we ordered the beef.

Beef covered with egg and sesame oil

The grill came and it looked like a cheaper version of BBQ Plaza restaurants grill in Malaysia. Of course, BBQ Plaza cost at least 3 or 4 times more than this.

The BBQ started by melting the lard (pork fat) on top of the grill area. They make sure the whole grill area is covered by lard. Then pour the soup to the side of the grill and add it with vegetables and yellow noodles. To the look at it, US 3 dollars was damn worth it. The beef which was covered by egg and sesame seeds and oil then put onto the grill. It was a fun activity plus good food.

However, do beware of the kids and teenagers that will come and try to sell the books, the cards and other souvenirs. And also there were no air conditioner or fans. It was only natural air.
It was hot and sweaty but we loved the fun of the grilling the beef and the soup. It was a good way enjoying street food in Siem Reap.
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