September 21, 2023


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Flying Fox Experience at Flight of the Gibbon, Pattaya

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Flying Fox Experience at Flight of the Gibbon, Pattaya, THAILAND

In Pattaya, there’s a popular place called “Flight of the Gibbon”. As seen on TV for The Amazing Race Asia series, the “Flight of the Gibbon” is set at the heart of the rainforest area of Pattaya.

There, you can explore over 3km of the rainforest canopy on our zip-line tour (about 3 hours). It is the largest and highest rainforest canopy adventure in the world! I was invited there via media invite by Tourism Authority of Thailand Malaysia (TAT).

Due to our limited time, we didn’t go through the whole 3km, probably half of it. To go there, you can either travel by local tour companies or their own tour companies. They provide tour services from Bangkok and Pattaya. As the mini trucks transported us to the holding area, we were equipped with harness and all the gears. There, we deposited our bags and also had our drinks there. After a short briefing from the assign guide, we walked our way up into the jungle. The short good 15 to 20 min walk in the jungle; gave us the experience and also a touch with the nature. Practically, the jungle was untouched (as it is) as we could see many wild plants and insects.

Everyone was so excited (before going up the platform)

We walked up the stairs to the tree top platform. The platform is roughly 40m to 50m from the ground. It wasn’t that scary as there were harness and we had our gears locked with the ropes. At any point, we were always safe, as we always had one of our “buckle” locked on the ropes.

This is at least 40m high, don’t look down if you have fear of heights
It was my first time trying “flying fox”. Since I was the photographer, I had to go first. I had no worries on that. The first attempt was on a short course. While most girls screamed their lives out, it was no-where near that scary, but rather fun.

Who go first? Well, who else? Wilson!!

Video in Full HD
We spent around 2 hours “flying fox-ing” and enjoying the nature of the natural rainforest. Standing on the platform 40-50m above the ground was nothing but breathtaking.

Wanna do a couple flying fox session?

Check out the “green”

Hello nature.

Some might wonder, what is the highlight of this Flight of the Gibbon? Many other places also offer “flying fox” as well. The real deal is the last stop, a 300m length from one to another end. I couldn’t even see the other platform. That was the most exciting moment.

Flying fox experience in Full HD Video

The funny thing was, how did we get down from the 40-50m high platform? There were no stairs. Well, for that, I will leave it for you to experience. Just put a little secret for the ending, you will love the surprise, trust me.

I enjoyed myself or should I say we had fun at Flight of the Gibbon. Do consider spending one or two days there, check out their promotions and also their rates at their website.
Flight of theGibbon Address and Contact:
Tree Top Adventures Co., Ltd.

128 M00 17 T. Nicom A. Satuk Burirum

31150 Thailand
Int’l. Phone: +66 899 70 55 11 T

hai Phone: 08 99 70 55 11



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