June 3, 2023

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Indian Food at West Bengal, Loi Suites Arenales, Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA

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Indian Food at West Bengal, Loi Suites Arenales, Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA

There is a very popular Indian Italian mixed restaurant in Buenos Aires. Serving authentic Indian and Italian food, West Bengal offers a great dining experience that comes with a price.

Located at the beautiful Loi Suites Arenales, West Bengal offers both Italian and Indian cuisine.

I was there a few months ago for a dinner with my Argentine friends. As Indian food is quite common in Malaysia, it is a different case in Argentina.

We ordered the Jingha Palao (ARs 55/ US 14.50/ RM 46). It is the rice mixed with prawn in a combination of spices and other ingredients. The gravy is creamy and thick with heavily presence of coconut milk.

Lamb Briyani (ARs 55/ US 15.30/ RM 49) is another delightful dish. The lamb is cooked with creamy and thick gravy and it compliments with the fragrant briyani rice. It is hard to believe to have such good Indian food in Buenos Aires.

West Bengal is also well-known for its Italian food. With their beautiful setting, West Bengal is ideal for posh dining and fine dining goers with excellent Indian food. Thanks Hugo and Shakhira for the dinner. =)

West Bengal, Loi Suites Arenales Address:

Arenales 855 | CP 1061AAC
Buenos Aires | Argentina


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