September 26, 2023


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Happy 53rd MALAYSIA Independence Day ( Hari Merdeka) 2010!!

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Happy 53rd MALAYSIA ‘s Independence Day ( Hari Merdeka) 2010!!

Rachel and I would like to wish our readers Happy 53rd MALAYSIA ‘s Independence Day, Hari Merdeka. Let us remember how we grew up in this lovely country as a multiracial, Multilanguage and multi religion country. We also remember and always cherish this country as we are Malaysians. Happy 53rd Malaysia’s Independence Day! Merdeka!

Long live our kings! Long live Malaysia! God bless we live in this country with peace and harmony! Again, Merdeka!

Please do check out the Merdeka video via Youtube. Thanks!

The Merdeka video we shall not forget.

I am born a Malaysian, proud to be a Malaysian. This country belongs to Malaysians and all the heroes who fought and sacrificed for this country! MERDEKA!

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  1. I Wish all Malaysian citizens Happy Independence, i pray may Allah take this country on the top of all countries and Islam should be seen in all Malaysia and best country among all the world, peoples should respect everyone, help everyone and be honest with everyone In-shallah it will be with the help of each others and love with all human beings once again i wish HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY TO ALL MALAYSIA.

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