December 7, 2023


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The Central Park, Manhattan, New York, USA

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The Central Park, Manhattan, New York, USA

This is another important landmark on Manhattan, New York. I have never seen such a huge park in a city of such scale. I spotted the Central Park at the top of Rockefeller Center. The huge park covers more than 843 acres and it has an annual visitor of 25 million visitors. 25 million visitors is almost the size of Malaysia’s population. This was my experience visiting the park a few years ago and this week I’m clearing off all my New York backlogs.

Central Park from the top of Rockefeller Center.

After looking at Central Park from the top, I managed to walk into Central Park near the Merchant’s Gate. That is near Trump Tower which is located at the Fifth Avenue. It is just a stone away from the Merchant’s Gate.

The Merchant’s Gate of Central Park
One thing I dislike about the city tour is the length of a visit of any tourist attractions. I had only 20 to 30 min max for a particular tourist attraction. I wished I could spend more time at Central Park but in reality I had only close to 30 min for the huge park.

Walking in from Merchant’s Gate, I could see a small portion of Central Park. Though it was spring but it was still very cold. If the trees were blossomed, it would an awesome sight.

I hope to visit Central Park again in the future. I want to visit the Central Park Zoo which is popularized by animation movies such as “Madagascar” and also the Central Park Carousel which is the one of the largest “merry-go-rounds” in United States. Please do allocate at least half a day to visit Central Park to avoid disappointments. Thank you for reading.

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