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Hosteria Cumbres Blancas: A Night at Esquel, Patagonia, ARGENTINA

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Hosteria Cumbres Blancas: A Night at Esquel, Patagonia, ARGENTINA

I promised myself to finish all my Argentina related posts by this year. The list goes on here. Esquel is part of Patagonia, Argentina. We stop at Esquel from Bariloche before continued to Los Antiguos.

The impression of Esquel was the town is very organized. Not forgetting there is a mountain at the backdrop which is near the Los Alerces National Park.

That’s the hotel! Hosteria Cumbres Blancas
Staying at Hosteria Cumbres Blancas was a blessing. In a walking distance to Esquel’s only casino, the hotel has 2 storeys and they have a backyard parking area for guests.

The room I had was pretty decent. With 2 single beds, clean bathroom and if I have not mistaken, they have FREE WIFI in the lobby. It doesn’t have much rooms but the front desk service was excellent.

Our room with 2 comfortable single beds.

In this region of Patagonia, it is still cold during summer. It was around 15 degree Celsius at night and around 20 plus during day.  Like I said, we had comfortable night after a few rounds at the casino.

Decent bathroom with bath tub, no complains!
I won’t compare this hotel to the big guns in the city, I would rate this hotel above average. I’m not sure about the pricing but the stay was good. The hotel can be easily spotted at the main road near the casino. It is just a few stones away.

Hosteria Cumbres Blancas Address and Contact:

Av. Ameghino 1683
9200 Esquel, Argentinien
(0)2945 455 200

Hosteria Cumbres Blancas Map:

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