April 20, 2024


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Hello from Bali! Honeymoon in Paradise

Hello from Bali! This is our second visit to this beautiful island. We are currently spending our honeymoon here in Bali. We are staying in 2 different 5 star villas from our package. We not going to spill the beans now but we can show a few pictures of what we are doing now in Bali.

We found a new chilling place by the seaside with 2 level infinity pools! We will reveal this secret place in upcoming weeks.

Rachel’s dinner, a full lobster set in the villa.

We are in loved with the villa we staying right now. Lobster dinner in the gazebo as well as our private swimming pool. Not forgetting the huge size Jacuzzi that is able to fit both of us. We are happy for making our decision to choose Bali for our honeymoon destination. More updates will be coming in the upcoming weeks.

That’s us! Having our dinner in the gazebo in our private villa over looking the candle light decor by the private pool.
Bye for now, love and hugs from both of us.

Wilson & Rachel

0 thoughts on “Hello from Bali! Honeymoon in Paradise

  1. Hi wilson & rachel,

    Good day to you. You have a wonderful honeymoon.
    Me and hubby planning for our honeymoon in Bali too.
    But i have no idea where to stay and where to visit.
    Your post help me lots!! Thanks.


      1. Hi. My trip from 9 July 2011 to 13 July 2011. Really headache in choosing hotel all that. 😉

  2. Hi Wilson and Rachel

    nice view in honeymoon beach club , but i try googling for contact how to booking , do you have contact that place



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