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Sun Kam Kee Restaurant Review with Samsung NX 100 Camera 20-50mm

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Sun Kam Kee Restaurant Review with Samsung NX 100 Camera 20-50mm

Firstly, I must thank Advertlets and the Samsung Malaysia for giving me to test out the latest Samsung NX 100 Camera. With it, I can rest my DSLR for a while as I had issues with the Tokina lens during my trip to Bali.

Sun Kam Kee Restaurant is located at Jalan Pudu. It is next to the Post Office and opposite of the Pudu Fire Station on the main road. Locating the restaurant is easy but finding a parking space could be slightly tricky.

The dinner started with Kam Hiong La La. I ordered a small plate since there were only 6 of us there. The Kam Hiong La La this time around is slightly disappointing due to the sizes of the lala, not the flavor or the taste of it.

Next is the Steamed Catfish (Bak Sok Gong / Ikan Keli). This is quite a common dish for Malaysian Chinese community. How good is this dish depending on how good the chef made it without the soil odour and how fresh the fish.

The Emerald Gould with Almond was next.

The BBQ Spare Ribs is the top favourites of the night. Cooked with special sweet sauce, the BBQ spare ribs compliments with soft fried bun. Usually I will order a few extra fried bun, like having it with the sweet sauce and the tender spare ribs.

Salted Eggs Prawns or Fried Prawns with Salted Eggs is my mother in law’s favourites. Well, I do agree with her on that as each prawn is fried to crispiness and then coated with salted egg, this is a hot seller!

Lastly, it is the Stir Fried Lotus Root.

Overall, the food was good. For the restaurant, it is in a pre war building and only the back portion is air conditioned. Do not expect anything classy here. The service is good and the total bill came to around RM 130, I have no complains on that. I have been patronizing the restaurant for a few times and I must say so far there is not much of disappointment. This is recommended as it is value for money good food!

Having tested the camera for a day, I can’t really tell much yet. There be more test runs on the Samsung NX 100 in the upcoming few weeks. Stay tuned for more!

Sun Kam Kee Restaurant Address and Map:

488, Jalan Pudu, 55100 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 012-3877660, 012-2222712

Website: http://skkrestaurant.blogspot.com/

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