February 5, 2023

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Weekend Wet Market in Bentong

Rachel and I have been doing weekend getaways lately to a few places. One of them is the town of Bentong in the state of Pahang. It was a family trip with my in laws. Rachel’s uncle owned an orchard near the town and a few weeks ago, we went to see the little town of Bentong.

We reached Bentong as early as 9 am. We took our time having our dim sum breakfast in one of the coffee shops there. Then, slowly we ventured into the wet market of Bentong.

What is so special about this Bentong wet market?

I believed most of the city dwellers like us get really bored and in need to have an unique Sunday. Going to Bentong for a wet market will be something “fresh”. Most of us know the vegetables comes from Pahang, the wet market there has a wide range of fresh vegetables. Apart from the fresh vegetables, Bentong wet market does has its own specialties.

Take for instance, the “kampung” (village) chicken. Live “kampung” chicken is available at a cheaper price than Kuala Lumpur.

Not forgetting, our locals top favourites, “petai”. “Petai” is the Parkia Speciosa or also known as bitter bean, sataw and twisted cluster bean. Rachel loves this and I hate it. It’s a love or hate thing.

The most popular thing to buy in Bentong wet market is the infamous Bentong’s ginger.

It is selling as much as RM 13 per kilo, the Bentong ginger is believed to be better than most common gingers. Still, it is cheaper than the city wet market.

How to go to Bentong Wet Market

To go to Bentong, we drive there using the Karak highway from MRR2 (Middle Ring Road 2). Then we drive towards Kuantan and we exit on the Bentong signage. After paying the toll, there will be a T junction and we turned right and drive all the way up to Bentong town. Upon reaching Bentong town, the wet market is situated on the left hand side of the main road. If you got lost, just ask anyone, they are friendly people there, and they don’t bite.

4 thoughts on “Weekend Wet Market in Bentong

  1. Ugh, you canNOT hate petai okay?!!!!

    Try a few times and I assure you that you will fall for them … really.
    Stinky aftermath? Nah, small matter. After all, whose pee/poo smells good anyway? 🙂

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