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La Beau Kunti Villa Review, Seminyak, BALI: Beauty of Private Villa (水明漾區)兩人一幢

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La Beau Kunti Villa Review, Seminyak, BALI: Beauty of Private Villa (水明漾區)兩人一幢

On my first trip to Bali last year, I stayed in the hotels rather than the villas. It wasn’t a clever move. So on my recent trip to Bali, I booked 2 different villas on my 5 days trip. I stayed at Seminyak as recommended by my friends. So where is this Seminyak?

Seminyak is actually located next to Kuta and it is very popular for its small private villas. Many would prefer staying in Seminyak on their last few nights as traveling to Denpansar International airport is nearer than other places except Kuta.

After google searching for reviews and tips, my Rachel and I decided to stay at La Beau Kunti Villa in Seminyak.

There are only 10 small private villas in La Beau Kunti Villa. Some people might prefer a place like this for exclusivity.

Since every villa is covered by high walls, we can’t really tell how it is looks like except the pictures we saw in the internet.

There is a small kitchen hall with dining table, cooking area, fridge and sofa at the opposite of the villa within the same compound.

It is divided by a beautiful private pool. The garden is not that huge, we loved the close proximity, lol.

The décor of the villa here is modern and stylish. Though it is not big but we loved the design of the villa.

I know it’s a bit awkward but I will start with the bathroom. The bathroom is located at the back of the room and it’s divided with a sliding door.

Standing shower in the bathroom.

The bathroom is slightly unique. It is an open concept with a lovely bathtub, standing shower and toilet.

The toilet is facing the open area at the back, covered with a see thru glass. Somehow, I don’t get used to such concept might others might prefer this.

The King Size bed in the room.

We enjoyed the evening there. After dinner, we spent our time in the private pool. With the complimentary fruit juices at the side of the pool, we relaxed ourselves a heavy dinner and spending quality time together.

Then, I some time checking my emails at the working desk while Rachel watching the TV from the King Size bed.

The next morning, the room service came to prepare the breakfast for us. Breakfast is part of the villa package. We pre-chose our menu a day earlier and we also chose the exact timing for when the breakfast is going to serve. Seriously, we loved the exclusivity and our private times in a villa like this.

We spent most of our afternoon and evening shopping in Kuta and Seminyak. Traveling to Kuta is only less than 15 min and during night time, there are lots of pubs and bars around the area. Oh yeah, not forgetting the shopping outlets and restaurants as well.

Overall, we loved our stay at La Beau Kunti Villa.

We loved the design of the villa and also the private pool. Though the villa is not big, they smartly designed it so every space is fully utilized.

It was a great note to end our holiday in Bali staying at La Beau Kunti Villa Seminyak Bali. And also we loved the hospitality of the Balinese people. Thank you for reading.

La Beau Kunti Villa Seminyak Bali Address:
La Beau Kunti Villa
Jl. Kunthi II , Seminyak – Bali, Indonesia
Tel : +62 – 361 – 737158

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  1. wow this place looks awesome…the only thing which would make me hesitate is that toilet concept they’ve got going but other than that, pretty damn sweet. cheers

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