June 1, 2023

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Winter Fun at Falls Creek, Victoria, AUSTRALIA

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This was one of my holidays in Australia around 9 years ago before I came back to Malaysia for work. It was me and Rachel’s last holiday and we broke up after that. She stayed back for her PR and I came back to work. Eventually, she came back to Malaysia and we were together again. Now, we are married.

Falls Creek has been named as one of the best ski resort in Australia. Located at north eastern Victoria, we drove our way from Wagga Wagga NSW to there. It took us quite a while with my old 1982 Toyota Corolla.

We only stayed one night as that we could afford at that time. Our motive was to experience the winter and snow in Falls Creek as there is no winter in Malaysia.

Below are our fun pictures in Falls Creek, enjoy!

Picture is taken with SLR, shot in black and white film. It was a very cold day.

It was snowing quite heavily, I’m in front of the ski lift.

In front of one of the ski-resorts in Falls Creek.

No tobogganing!

With the full face snow cap, I was freezing.

Falls Creek resorts behind me.

My face was so cold, it turned red.

Rachel on the ski lift.

Me and my 1982 Toyota Corolla. Thank god, the heater works.

Rachel on top of the snow-ski.

We walked around after dinner.

That’s us!

Another picture of us.

Rachel looks so cartoon in this picture.

Another lovely picture taken with SLR.

Rachel posing near the ski lift.

In front of one of the better ski resort in Falls Creek.

We stayed in the cheaper range resorts in Falls Creek and it wasn’t disappointing at all. It was fun and they offered hot chocolate for all the hotel guests.

We had fun in Falls Creek and we don’t mind going there again.

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