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Thai Handicraft and Free Massage at Tourism Authority of Thailand Booth, Matta Fair 2011

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Thai Handicraft and Free Massage at Tourism Authority of Thailand Booth, Matta Fair 2011

Ever heard of the Land of Smiles? I’m sure most of us did. If not, it is just our neighbouring country, Thialand.

My first trip this year is to Thailand. It was a self drive trip with my friends to Hatyai, Southern Thailand. We went on the first day of this year. The trip was fun.

Well, last year I had at least 3-4 trips to Thailand as well. Somehow, Thailand never seems to bore me. I always ended up going to new places regardless various times I’ve been to Thailand.
Matta Fair 2011 TAT Booth
If you are craving for a trip to Thailand, why not visit the Tourism Authority of Thailand Booth happening now at Matta Fair 2011.
Matta Fair 2011 TAT Booth
On top of that, they are having the handicraft demonstrations at the booth which the artwork is very delicate and precise.
Matta Fair 2011 TAT Booth
In addition, if you got a bit tired, go to the massage demo. They will probably give you a good 5 min neck and back massage for FREE. However, I tip them RM 10 for their efforts at the Tip Box. It was really good after hours of walking in Matta Fair.
Matta Fair 2011 TAT Booth
Thai cultural show at the Matta Fair stage is a hit where hundreds of spectators glued to their seat for their show.
Matta Fair 2011 TAT Booth
Lastly, the generous Tourism Authority of Thailand’s director also giving away prizes by just answering a few simple questions.

Check out also their Grand Songkran deals at the booth and get information on various locations in Thailand.


Check out Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) booth at Hall 1, Booths 1287-1294, 1301-1308 for great deals and quality tour packages. Don’t miss Matta Fair 2011.


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