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Wong Chi Kei (黄枝记) Congee and Noodles at Largo da Senado

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Wong Chi Kei (黄枝) Congee and Noodles at Largo da Senado, MACAU

This is our first trip to Macau. We stayed at the Metropark Macau Hotel which is located at the Macau Peninsula, a few minutes of driving from the Macau ferry terminal.  For us, we prerfer to travel around the Macau peninsula itself as it is more convenient.

For that, we went to the famous Senado Square (議事亭前地)in Macau Peninsula for dinner. It is walking distance from our hotel but we were lazy to walk so we took a taxi and the fare is around MOP 12 (HK$12/RM$4.80/US$1.60). Near the Senado Square, there are 2 restaurants to look for. It is the Yee Shun Milk Company (famous for its milk puddings) and the Wong Chi Kei (黄枝) Congee and Noodles.
Wong Chi Kei Macau
The Wong Chi Kei (黄枝) Congee and Noodles is popular for its homemade noodles.
Wong Chi Kei Macau
We ordered the braised noodles with shrimp eggs. It is one of the most popular dishes there. It cost us MOP 36 (HK$36/RM14.4/US$3.8). This small plate of braised noodles is top with dried shrimp eggs. The homemade noodle is top of its class and the presence of the shrimp eggs added more flavours to the dish. To me, the dish is quite unique as this is my first time discovering a marriage of such ingredients. For those who dislike the taste of the shrimp eggs, this might not be ideal for them.
Wong Chi Kei Macau
As I read from some of the food blogs recommending the place, their deep fried wonton (MOP 25/HK$25/RM10/US$3.30) is quite special.
Wong Chi Kei Macau
Their deep fried wonton is huge. The wonton skin is larger than usual, soft and very crispy. With the prawn mixture fillings, their fried wonton can be quite addictive.
Wong Chi Kei Macau
Another highlights of Wong Chi Kei (黄枝) Congee and Noodles is their coffee. The coffee is slightly bitter but Rachel loves it.
Wong Chi Kei Macau
The staffs there are very friendly and we enjoyed talking to them. After dinner, we walked to the St. Paul’s ruins. There are also a lot of shops at the Senado Square, it is great to walk after dinner.



Wong Chi Kei (黄枝) Congee and Noodles Address and Contact:

Largo do Senado, No.17, Macau.
Tel : +853 331 313
Fax : +853 331 175


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  1. Hello! May I use one of your photos in my blog? I forgot to take some when I went to Wong Chi Kei. =3

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