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How to vote for DIGI WWWOW Awards

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How to vote for DIGI WWWOW Awards

Firstly, I must thank my friends, readers and fans for voting me for DIGI WWWOW Awards.Thank you for keep believing on and believing on us (me and Rachel).

Somehow this blog has been running for almost 4 years and still running. We learned a lot through blogging, new friends, new places and new “makan” places.

For the past week, friends have been very supportive on our blog submission for the award. However I realized that many were clueless on how to vote so I decided to do a step by step here.

As usual click the link I share which is

Digi Wwwow Award

You will reach this page. Scroll down and go bottom.

Digi Wwwow Award

Click “Please Login/Register with Facebook to vote”

After that, please login to your Facebook account and click “Allow Access” for the first time.

Digi Wwwow Award

After logging in with Facebook, scroll down again and key in the “Captcha Code” like above and click the GREEN “Vote” button.

You can only vote once everyday until June 20th.

When you see the “Woot! You have successfully voted” means you have voted! is under Top Makan-Makan Expert Category.

Thank you again for all the votes. Keep them coming, please help us to get to Number One!

Without you all, there won’t be any

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