March 23, 2023

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Krabi Trang Holiday Day One: Ku La Ka Sai Restaurant, Tham Le Cave, Pak Meng Beach Resort

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Krabi Trang Holiday Day One: Ku La Ka Sai Restaurant, Tham Le Cave, Pak Meng Beach Resort

Back in 2009, we and our friends decided to celebrate our Christmas out of the country. We wanted a place with sandy beaches and beautiful island which is priced reasonable. I recommended Krabi and Trang to them.

The first time I went to Krabi was in 2005 with my family and friends. Back then, Krabi was already popular but not with Malaysians. As Air Asia started to fly to Krabi, the impact is huge. Krabi is opened to Malaysia and Malaysia is opened to Krabi. The win win situation promotes healthy tourism in both countries. Krabi is a popular tourist spot to mainly Scandinavians is also getting popular with Malaysians and Singaporeans. Despite being a popular tourist destination, Krabi is still affordable.

Next, where is Trang? Trang is a small beach town which is located at the SOUTH of Krabi. It takes around 2 hours of driving from Krabi to Trang. Trang has its own attractions such as sandy beaches and near to a few beautiful islands such as Chuak Island, Muah Island, Kradan Island and Emerald Cave at Mook Island.

As I mentioned traveling to Krabi never been easier with Air Asia, my previous trip in 2005 was via bus and it took more than 2 hours from Hadyai and another 6 hours from Kuala Lumpur, loved the ride but tiring.

There was a bit of drama as there were unexpected winds currents near Krabi International Airport so the plane landed on the 4th attempt. We were running late for almost half an hour but our guide told us it is common.

There were 8 of us altogether in this trip.

Rachel and I, Steph, Khai, Laney, Sook sisters and Yvonne from Hong Kong at the Krabi International Airport.

I customize the trip with the travel agent for this trip. Most hotels in Krabi charge a compulsory dinner for guests during Christmas so we diverted our travel plans to Trang. The travel agent assigned a huge van and a guide for us, tipping is up to us.

Immediately after we left the airport, we went to the famous seafood restaurant located just a stone away from the airport. The restaurant is called Ku La Ka Sai.

It is a seafood restaurant and it’s concept is similar to Malaysia’s Thai “Fish Farm” restaurants. I was told this is one of the best in Krabi. Read more about my review on Ku La Kasai restaurant HERE.

Ku La Kasai Address and Contact:

165 M. 6, Klong Cholpratarn RD.

Pakasai, Nua Klong, Krabi 81130

Tel: 075-691445, 084-7440119

As soon as we finished our late lunch, we rushed to the last destination of the day which is to visit the Tham Le Cave or Khaohob. The place is located one and half hour away from Krabi.

What so special about this Tham Le Cave? Believe it or not, Tham Le Cave is one of the key tourist attractions for Trang. To access to the Tham Le Cave, we need to lie down on our little wooden boat (sampan) to drift inside a cave through the river.


As the walls of the cave are so low, we can only enter Tham Le Cave during low tide.

Tham Le Cavehas a temple built by the locals and also the beautiful stalactite and stalagmite formations.

We struggled to go out because it was late afternoon. At one point, our boat was stuck! Read the full experience of Tham Le Cave HERE! We had fun!

We reached our hotel in the evening. We stayed at Pak Meng Beach Resort in Trang. The resort is only a few kilometers away from the jetty.

Pak Meng Resort Trang Address and Contact:

60/1 Moo4, Maifad, Sikao


Tel    +66(0)75-274112,+66(0)75-203031

Fax   +66(0)75-274111

[email protected]

[email protected]

The resort is quiet and the rooms are chalet type concept. Only the manager can speak fluent English, the rest can only speak Thai. However, that doesn’t mean the service was awful. Remember, this is the Land of Smiles.

The dinner was good, particularly the Thai food such as Tom Yam Gong and it was a quiet evening even though it was Christmas eve. Many people would prefer the busy Krabi at that time but we enjoyed the happy moments with friends together.

We ended the day early as the next day we will be out to the sea for the island tour. Everyone was happy with the first day and the upcoming days could be only better!

*You can consider the places that we have visited in this trip for your future itinerary to Krabi*

6 thoughts on “Krabi Trang Holiday Day One: Ku La Ka Sai Restaurant, Tham Le Cave, Pak Meng Beach Resort

  1. NO doubt Thailand is the best place for the Holidays as its very economical and full of Fun and energy. Good places, Excellent food. If you have limited budget and you want Full then Thailand must be your destination.

  2. Hi Austin,

    I agree that Thailand is the best place for holiday for limited budget but Thailand is also the place for luxury travel. I’ve been to one of the best beach bars in the world in Thailand and the experience was priceless.

    There are more in Thailand than we expected and we thought we understand. We are still hoping to discover more of Thailand too.


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