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The Captain Explorer DUKW (Duck) Tour Experience

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The Captain Explorer DUKW (Duck) Tour Experience

I still remember clearly the first time I saw the“duck tour” vehicle in Sydney 10 years ago with Rachel and my cousin Sherry, I was like what was that? Then during my stay in Australia, I never tried the “duck tour”. That was a mistake but I won’t repeat it again.

Hence, my recent trip to Singapore I decided to try out their version of “duck tour”, the Captain Explorer DUKW tour with Rachel.

Why is it called the “duck tour”? This layman term means the “duck tour” vehicle is able to move on the road and sail on the water, just like a duck.

What is DUKW?

D is the vehicle designed in 1942, U means the “utility” (amphibious), K indicated the all wheel drive while W means two powered rear axles.
DUKW Captain Explorer

Believe it or not, this amphibious-type vehicle is used during the Vietnam wars by the Americans. The idea of having such vehicle to operate on the ground and on the water is to take the Viet Cong by surprise. However, due to its speed and its noise level, the whole operation was a failure. The vehicles then converted for commercial usages. Don’t worry as there are no blood stains or bullet holes on the vehicle.

Where can I join DUKW tour or Duck tour in Singapore?

In Singapore, everything is competitive and so is the duck tour. There are a few companies running the duck tour services but I chose the Captain Explorer DUKW Tour.

The Captain Explorer also offers the Funvee bus which offers hop-on hop-off bus services in Singapore so it is convenient for me to go with them. I hate running to different places as it waste a lot of time.
Captain Explorer Office
The Captain Explorer’s office is conveniently located at the Singapore Flyer. The advantage of joining the Funvee Tour is they offer transfer from the hotel to the Singapore Flyer. That saves us a lot of time and money too.

In the office, we were able to choose the timing and also the tour that we have booked.
DUKW Safety Video
Before we hop on the DUKW tour they show us the safety video in their office. This was to ensure our safety.
After watching the safety video, we were brought to the “duck tour” vehicle by the tour guide.
We were then briefed again for the safety measures. The tour guide was informative and he is very friendly. To think about it, we didn’t even tip him! How forgetful we were.


Cenotaph “Our Glorious Dead” Building view on DUKW

We started off from the Singapore Flyer and passed by historical buildings near Marina.

Marina Bay Sands view on DUKW


World Famous Raffles Hotel view on DUKW

Then we went near the Formula One Circuit Grandstand is where the yearly formula one night race is held. This year will be the third year Singapore hosting the formula one night and street race.

Next, was the fun part of the “duck tour”, there is a ramp where the DUKW slowly drove down to the river and we sailed like a boat. For first timers like us, it was really impressive.

Singapore F1 Grandstand view on DUKW near Marina Barrage

We sailed to the Marina Reservoir, built by the Singapore government a few years ago. The reservoir was very clean, not a typical reservoir in a city. Great job in keeping it clean and not polluted!
Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands view on DUKW

Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands view on DUKW

We took many pictures of Marina Bay Sands from many different angles but we never took it so close on the reservoir.

Singapore City view on DUKW


One Fullerton and city view on DUKW

After a turn on the Marina Reservoir, we sailed back and travelled back on the road again.

It was definitely a fun experience for first timers like us. It is nice to look at Singapore’s scenery from a different point of view. The most important of all is the tour operator is reliable and very strict on the safety measures. The guide was very informative and the whole journey was enjoyable.

We were glad we didn’t get wet. There are a few landmarks near Marina Barrage only can be view via DUKW tour, want to know more, see it by yourself!
Captain Explorer DUKW Tour Route

Captain Explorer DUKW Tour Route

Remember to join their Funvee Bus too. Thus, travelling in Singapore to visit the tourist attractions has never been easier and so affordable. Please check out the Funvee Bus services for more info.

Kindly refer the Captain Explorer & FunVee Booking details as below:

Captain Explorer & FunVee  Booking Details:

1. Guests may obtain informative tips and knowledge through www.msttravel.com.my

2. You may send to booking to them via e-mail or fax or tel.

3. MST Travel will issue the Voucher and with all full details.

4. When you received the voucher, please call to the Singapore hotline 02- 6738 3338 / 02- 8188 6000 to booking the hotel transfer 3 day before departure.

5. You MUST using the original voucher for redeem the package at Transit Hub @ Singapore Flyer #01-05.

Singapore City Pass Package Deal

Want a greater deal? Get the Singapore City Pass like we did and only pay only RM 119.00 for Adult (Usual Price is RM 155.00, RM 36.00) or RM 109.00 (Usual Price is RM 111, save RM 2.00). The Singapore City Pass inclusive of Captain Explorer DUKW Duck Tour and Singapore Underwater World.

Singapore City Pass

For more information, please contact Mar Sin Thai Travel & Tour Sdn Bhd:

Tel: 03-21449657, 03-21442800,03-62579964, 03-62573375

Fax: 03-21446707, 03-62524553

Email: [email protected], [email protected]

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