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Nasi Lemak Tanglin Lake Gardens: KL Best Food

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Nasi Lemak Tanglin Lake Gardens: KL Best Food

Nasi Lemak is one of the Malaysia’s most favourite foods. Every Malaysian grew up with nasi lemak, breakfast to many, supper to a few.
Nasi Lemak Tangling
Racently, Rachel’s uncle brought us to a very popular nasi lemak stall in the city, the Nasi Lemak Tanglin near Lake Gardens. When I told my dad about this place, he gave me a good old fifteen to twenty minute story on his experience eating there. Nasi Lemak Tanglin has its deep history but the food is still delicious and not a story of the past.
Nasi Lemak Tangling
It did not surprise me when I saw the queue there at Tanglin Food Court. It is named as the top ten nasi lemak in Klang Valley by a few local newspapers some time ago. With good reputation and reasonable food pricing, we joined the queue for our very first nasi lemak Tanglin experience.
Nasi Lemak Tangling
The varieties of the side dishes include fried eggs, cockles (kerang), beef, squid, mutton, chicken and so on.
Nasi Lemak Tangling
We ordered a humble nasi lemak with squid, chicken and generous amount of sambal. The sambal has a different texture than many sambal that I had. The rice is fragrant with coconut milk and it comes with crispy fried anchovies and peanuts.
Nasi Lemak Tangling
We have no complains on the food but do go there early to avoid long queue and seats are limited at Tanglin Food court. We enjoy searching stalls like this with deep history and great food with reasonable pricing.

Nasi Lemak Tanglin Address and Contact:

Gerai No. 6

Kompleks Makan Tanglin

Jalan Cendarasari


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  1. Sorry but Tanglin has passed its best and to me is just normal. Want a good place try Pakcik Omar behing Chinese Assembly Hall near Hotel Midah at Kg Attap. Much much better.

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